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Are we a Good Match?

We at Endless Flux Labs are passionately working on our in-house mobile app projects, building innovative software products that make lives better.

Although we are happy doing this work, we also realize there are a lot of projects elsewhere in the world trying to build something great too but  are in desperate need of an experienced mobile app development team.

Therefore we are open to free up time to work with select clients to help fulfill their worthy mission, as long as we find we are a good match.

And since that’s a two-sided equation, you’ll also need to know a bit about our team before partnering with us, so on this page we laid out some information about who we are and how we do things. Let’s get into it!

How We Can Contribute to a Successful Mobile App Project


Our team has 25 years of experience in web & mobile software development and project management.

We’ve been deep in the business since well before the web became widespread and experienced first hand the birth of mobile.

Complete Service

Thanks to our experience we can take care of all aspects of a successful mobile app development project: creating specifications & graphic designs, coding for iOS, Android and the Server side, and also project management.

Business understanding

Since we’ve always primarily worked on our in-house projects, we not only understand the IT side of things but also the business side.

That allows us to see your project in ways few software development teams can, able to help with planning out the project specifics by translating business requirements into “tech talk”, quickly resolving potential issues by perceiving arguments from both worlds and managing a successful release by coordinating people of different backgrounds.

Great Value

On the one hand, while developing software projects in-house, we learned to value high quality work that creates long term benefits over taking shortcuts that might help in the short term.

On the other hand, our team is originally from Hungary, and based now in Vienna, Austria. That allows us to charge lower fees than most professional development teams.

When working with us you’ll get professional software development, but for Central-European prices.




Our team has first hand experience in both software development and project management of large web development projects. Among many projects we created the first wine magazine and webshop of Hungary in 1997, built innovative e-learning solutions in 2005, managed the development of a complex insurance client portal in 2009, and built a print & online media platform for daily news sites in 2015.



On the mobile app development front we first started with project management in 2012 by successfully launching and then maintaining two mobile apps for two different news organizations. Then in 2015 we started to develop in-house mobile software apps ourselves, including a mobile business game and a consumer wine app. Mobile app development is currently our main focus.

Mobile App Technologies

Native Apps

We create native apps for both iOS and Android because this allows us to implement the best user experience and raise the project quality to the highest level.

blazing fast Backend

Our backend apps on the server side use modern coding languages and databases, both necessary for high performance and swift response times.

resilient server

We build auto-scaling, high-availability server architectures that are cost-efficient, can grow gradually as the project requires and can handle sudden spikes in traffic.

Steps to a Successful Partnership

1. Greetings

Getting to know each other, needs assessment, planning quote and an estimate for development & maintenance, first contracting.

2. Planning

Detailed requirement specification, graphic design, scheduling, development & maintenance quote, second contracting.

3. Development

Start of coding, joint project management with online  tracking system, periodic reports and consultation, joint testing, releasing.

4. Maintenance

Periodic reports, availability for urgent issues, on-demand development sprints, transparent billing, proactive mentality.

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